Acupuncture is an essential component of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Energy flows through the body in pathways which are connected to organs. In a healthy person this energy flow is in a state of dynamic equilibrium. The basics of TCM treats the human body as a whole – illnesses and discomforts occur when there is an unbalance in the system.

Acupuncture treatments bring the functions of the body to a balanced form. The safe, effective and drug-free noninvasive procedures involve the stimulation of anatomical points by application of ultra fine disposable needles.
Acupuncture heals people with a wide range of illnesses. It also decreases pain, reduces inflammation, reduces muscle spasm, increases ranges of motion and promotes relaxation.

About Ping Chao

Ping Chao's interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine started 15 years ago when she exhausted all conventional Western Medicine treatments to bring her health back. An old friend introduced to her a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor who finally found a cure. A few years later, following her grandfather's steps, Ping Chao decided to pursue a career in healing others by enrolling at Dongguk Royal University in Los Angeles. She received her Master Degree in Oriental Medicine, graduating with the highest honor.

She was one of the few to receive a scholarship to study in South Korea and she also interned in the prestigious Beijing Chao Yang Chinese Medicine Hospital in China where she received training from many renown practicing doctors. Finally, in Taiwan, she perfected her technique by becoming a master of the Tung's Acupuncture style.

Servicing Bellflower, Long Beach and vicinity with acupuncture, herbal medicine and other TCM treatments.


Contact info

Ping Chao Acupuncture
10000 Flower Street
Bellflower, CA 90706
Phone:    562-804-3449
Email:     pcacupuncture@gmail.com


Acupuncture network in metro Los Angeles and beyond:

Hsien Acupuncture
3401 Pacific Ave., Suite 1B
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Email: hsienacupuncture@gmail.com

Great Compassion Healing Center
Solano and Neilson
Berkeley, CA 94707
Phone: 510-926-5458

Yin Yang Wellness
12131 Westheimer, Unit F
Houston, TX 77077
Phone: 281-558-8989

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